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Where Your House Leaks Money

Where Your House Leaks Money

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Inefficient insulation leaks money right out of your home

Did you know that up to 40% of your home’s total energy loss may be due to air loss via the floors, walls and roof? This can be due, in part, to inefficient insulation, something which can also play a role in higher monthly heating and cooling bills.

To help minimize the risk of air loss and reduce high heating or cooling bills, your home needs an insulation and air barrier that can easily adapt to any design or feature and maintain its integrity over the long term. Icynene spray foam insulation is ideal to help minimize air loss, as well as the higher heating and cooling bills that can go along with it.

Think about replacing the inefficient insulation in your home with Icynene spray foam insulation and air barrier to help reduce air loss and lower your monthly heating and cooling bills.