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White Papers - Commercial

White Papers - Commercial

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Gain insight and knowledge from Icynene’s Building Science and Engineering experts. Each Icynene white paper focuses on how spray foam insulation can be used effectively in commercial design. Plus, gain an insight into overcoming common problems or threats in the building envelope, overcome design challenges and defy misconceptions about using spray foam insulation in commercial building designs.

Performance Benefits of Using Medium Density Spray Foam Insulation in Continuous Insulation Applications

This white paper highlights several important performance and application facts that demonstrate why medium density spray foam is the superior choice in exterior continuous insulation applications.

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Global Warming Potential: What is it and why is it important

This white paper defines Global Warming Potential, blowing agents, their development and impact on the environment as well as why water as a blowing agent is the most preferred.


Improving Commercial Building Performance & Sustainability

This white paper focuses on how to go beyond code requirements to create healthier, greener and functional spaces through the use of low-density (open cell) spray foam insulation.

Architects Push the Envelope, Icynene Spray on Insulation Foam Seals It

Design/Build Strategies to Reduce the Threat of Moisture

This white paper identifies how spray foam insulation can play multiple roles in minimizing moisture issues in buildings.

Thermal Resistance of Medium Density Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Provides guidance on interpreting and using manufacturer’s data on Thermal Resistance.


Spray Foam Insulation and Coastal Flooding

This white paper intends to provide a concise roadmap to the clean-up and rebuilding process for spray foam contractors and potential customers and why closed cell spray foam is ideal for use in areas prone to flooding.